At, we understand that audio-visual elements are integral to the success of any event. That’s why we are dedicated to offering tailored solutions to meet your event’s unique requirements, ensuring an immersive experience for your audience.

With our expertise and versatility in the AV industry, we can accommodate events of any scale, whether indoor or outdoor, ranging from small coaching sessions to large corporate gatherings.

Looking for simple audio-visual equipment like speakers or projectors?  We also provide microphone, lectern, podium, and drape rentals.

If you don’t see what you need listed, don’t hesitate to reach out to us – we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.

Event Lighting


Recognising the significance of effective lighting in audience engagement, we prioritise the selection of optimal lighting solutions. Our understanding extends to the intricate interplay of factors like venue dimensions and presentation formats, which influence lighting choices.

With our team of seasoned experts, we’re equipped to address all facets of your event and offer tailored recommendations to captivate your audience.



Crafting an immersive event experience for your audience can pose challenges, but at, we’re committed to simplifying the process every step of the way.

From initial planning to the event day itself, our team of experts will provide continuous support and communication. As we delve into the logistics of your event, we prioritise maintaining alignment with your vision and schedule, meticulously coordinating everything from displays to sound to ensure your event’s success.


Event Planning
Event recording with camera


Event recording can be beneficial to those who have missed the event or may want to keep it as a repetition tool.

Our team of digital experts can record it on your behalf and have it professionally edited to your requirements with the use of our cutting-edge AV equipment and software.

Various presentations can also be included upon request.

Contact us to find out how we can help you!



Seeking to expand your reach affordably? Unlock the potential of our event streaming packages, enabling you to engage your desired audience seamlessly on a unified platform.

Extend your reach globally with our international audience acquisition capabilities.

Utilising top-of-the-line AV equipment, we deliver pristine HD streams complemented by crystal-clear audio.

Get in touch with us today to explore’s Event Streaming Services.

Event Streaming
Audiovisual system


Organising an event can be overwhelming and straining. Why not leave the AV aspects of it to the experts?

We, at, provide full on-site AV support so you can focus on other important aspects of the event to ensure the best success.

We offer services that include the management of all your AV needs, available to you when you need them.

Besides making sure that your speakers can be heard, we also help ensure that the presentations can be seen on the screen when you need them the most!



Every event is different. Whether your audiences needs to be informed, educated or entertained, we are prepared to amaze them visually through creative stage designs and visually impressive installations.

We design sets as well as stages which are tailored to your varied wants and needs from simple stages with branding to fully lit back-drop displays to suit the available space in your venue.

Besides designing your stage, we also provide assistance in installing the stage for you in your selected venue.


Lighting for stage at concert