Elevate Your Productions with Premium Audio Solutions from AVA.ie




Audio is considered one of the most pivotal elements of a production, be it a movie, a short video and even more so in a podcast.

This is why, AVA.ie would love to assist you in making your production count!

With the use of professional top-quality voice-over equipment, our expert production team can help enhance the audio aspects of your production.


Audiovisual system
AVA team working with client with audiovisual equipment


Looking to broadcast an event or conference?

You’re looking at the right place! With top-of-the-line, equipment and software, our expert production team can help introduce your content to your target market from wherever you want!

We’d love to shine some light on the possibilities that you could achieve with broadcasting!

Contact us to find out!





The advancement of technology has led the world into the convenience of videos and streaming.

To help you attain your goal of reaching to a remote audiences worldwide, we have cultivated a way for your business to stream important events and talks live, all in HD, with the use of state-of-the-art technology, bringing your audience the seamless union of HD videos and crystal-clear audio


Live Streaming
Post production


Post-production is the final step in the entire process of producing a video, movie or any media. It is also considered one of the most important and time-consuming steps in the process and we would like to help!

From video editing to audio syncing, our professional production team can help make your production one to notice!



The increase of remote working environments have made video conferencing the go-to solution to traditional conference meetings.

A cheaper and time-saving solution to communication barriers caused by distance.

Improve your company’s communication systems with the use of professionally integrated AV technology.



Video conferencing
Video production


With every video, we plan to tell a story. Your story. To help you tell your story, we offer different service packages according to your requirements.

We craft high-quality HD videos based on your varying needs with only the best equipment. We adjust the tone and style of the video according to your objectives and budget to captivate your audience.

We produce brand videos, corporate videos, training videos and more.